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QST, QST: Because I own a web design company I have access to excellent graphic talent. I like having a custom QSL card (below) designed by one of our graphics people. Hams have asked "Can you make me one?" And so we've been doing that on an ad-hoc basis.

Well, we decided to formalize the business and have rolled out RadioQSL.com and it has met with great success. If you'd like a nice QSL card at a very reasonable price, do check out the website.

We're building a new site. If you need to reach me you can always call me on the N6ICW repeater (147.195 pl: 123 +)... or email me from address on QRZ page below. Click here to get my Repeater List.

If you would like me to set you up with your own domain, website, and email address, I wrote a few notes on what you need to do first. Click here to get these instructions.

I wrote two short pieces that have been popular with hams:

Hints and Tips For Passing the Amateur Extra 'Ham' Exam

How I Chose My New Amateur (Ham) Radio Vanity Callsign

— Al Canton

Fair Oaks, CA

"I am often asked how radio works.
Well, you see, wire telegraphy is like a very long cat.
You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles.
Do you understand this?
Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat."

     - Attributed to Albert Einstein